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therapy in process

'therapy', from Greek therapeúō: 

to attend to... to serve. to restore... to heal; to cultivate... to protect.

'process', from Old French procés Latin prōcēdō...

to journey... advance. to move... become visible. to arrive; to succeed.

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“Hope” is the thing with feathers - That perches in the soul - And sings the tune without the words - And never stops - at all..."

Emily Dickinson


Sami Rish,

Associate Marriage Family Therapist (AMFT  #143865)  & Professional Clinical Counselor (APCC #15510)

Sami (they/she/he) graduated with a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University in September 2023. 

Fluent in Spanish, Sami is a nonbinary neurodivergent therapist offering trauma-informed, trans-affirming, kink and poly positive, sex-worker-friendly therapy.

 Of Mexican-American and anti-Zionist Jewish cultural background, they welcome clients of all faiths or of none and are familiar with 12-Step recovery.


The process of therapy with Sami will be a unique experience, tailored to your desires, needs and goals. Their approach is relational, using the therapeutic relationship in the present to illuminate patterns that may be present in other relationships.

A 500-Hour-Trained Yoga and mindfulness teacher, Sami integrates a rich array of resources.... Buddhist mindfulness meditation and breathwork; Spontaneous attuned guided visualizations; Dream exploration; Narrative re-creation; True Sidereal Astrology and Tarot; Queer Jewish mysticism pro-Palestinian Liberation; Earth magic (sticks and stones, flowers and birds, soil and sky); Existential philosophy; Poetry, music & visual art expression, including therapeutic singing and songwriting; Trauma informed Somatic experiencing (CRM Certified); Internal Family Systems; Laser sharp DBT tools… all in an environment of care, compassion and clear boundaries.


Looking forward to journeying together and supporting you in your healing, serenity, creativity, connectedness, authenticity, resilience, joy and  [______________]*.


*you tell me...

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"When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate."

Carl Jung

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Sami Rish, MA, AMFT #143865, APCC #15510

Los Angeles, CA and Remote


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“If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”

Lilla Watson

"The joy in every successful metamorphosis conforms with the intellect’s age-old energetic need to liberate itself from the deceptive and boring paradise of fixed memories and to investigate a new, incomparably expansive areas of experience, in which the boundaries between the so-called inner world and the outer world become increasingly blurred and will probably one day disappear entirely."

Max Ernst

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